Joanna Greenfield
Joanna and Lucie launched Ruby J back in 2009 for the single purpose of designing events that excel. The philosophy was simple; be competitive, be innovative and be proactive.
They stay competitive by nurturing long-standing relationships with likeminded venues and vendors so they can offer ‘trade’ rates with no hidden costs.
They always offer the latest and greatest in entertainment, dining and decoration trends to ensure that, no matter the theme, everything is of the highest quality.
Their hands-on approach means they personally oversee every aspect, from idea to execution, so guests can relax and fully enjoy their event experience.
This is why Ruby J has become a leading events producer with an unrivalled reputation for excellence, value and service.
So, whether your event is social or corporate, Ruby J will make it an event that excels.

Lucie Robins


London: +44 208 736 0930

New York: +1 347 249 7393



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